• Amanda'sBooty Camp

    Your fast track to fitness!

    Our 8-week program

    That combines intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises to provide you with a great workout, every time!

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  • CoreCombustion

    45 minutes, focusing on interval training with short bursts of rest and active recovery.

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  • CoreRestore

    We will focus on slowing things down, taking time to focus on our breathing while performing body weight core exercises that strengthen and stretch to release muscle tension.

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  • JungleGym XT

    You found it.

    Real body-weight training

    The most versatile, durable, and easy-to-use suspension system out there.

  • Kettlebells

    Get results. Get stronger. Get better.

    Are you tired of:

    Being bored when you go to the gym? Your clothes not fitting the way they should? Want to gain strength and endurance you never thought possible? Our Kettlebell classes are the simple answer for all of these questions.

  • KetoIntermittent Fasting Coaching

    Have you been wondering what Keto and Intermittent Fasting are all about?

    Have you wanted to give this new lifestyle a try, but aren’t sure where to start? Amanda offers 1 on 1 coaching to guide you through the process of promoting and supporting a healthy balanced lifestyle!

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  • StrengthIntensity Circuit

    We will have you moving

    Perform functional exercises using equipment that eliminates any chance of being bored.

    These workouts will give you the strength and stamina that will make everyday activities such as carrying groceries or doing yard work feel like a breeze!

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  • GreenLightFitness

    Start the new you!

    Locally owned Functional Fitness gym offering instructor led classes! Fit for all ages and abilities, and designed to help all levels of fitness!

  • SpinClass

    High intensity. Low impact.

    High-intensity interval training - from a seated position!

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Our Classes

The S.I.C.(Strength Intensity Circuit) classes are circuit training classes at GLF that will have you moving around the gym performing functional exercises using equipment that eliminates any chance of being bored.

Slamming on a huge tractor tire with sledge hammers, jumping up onto boxes, punching and kicking a bag, and jumping rope are just a few of the things you will get to do.  Every circuit class is a new mix of things so you never know what you'll be doing until you get to the gym that day!  You'll be amazed how fast an hour of intense working out will fly by and how much fun you will have. These workouts will give you the strength and stamina that will make everyday activities such as carrying groceries or doing yard work feel like a breeze.  

  • The Jungle Gym XT offers new and enhanced features and design aesthetics to what is arguably the hottest category in fitness today!
  • Sculpt strong, sexy muscles from every angle with kettlebell moves for every level of user.
  • GreenLight Spin is a great way to get in a vigorous workout - burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape -- especially during the winter months!
  • Green Light Fitness will have you moving around the gym performing functional exercises using equipment that eliminates any chance of being bored!

What Can You Expect?

Green Light Fitness offers the most exciting and unique ways to get yourself into the best shape of your life! We have all the latest functional fitness equipment and strategies to get the job done in our convenient 60 minute instructor led classes. Our high intensity Spin, Kettlebell, Jungle Gym XT, and Circuit Training classes offer a unique workout each and every time you walk in the door!

Don't spend time wondering if Green Light Fitness is the place for you, IT IS!!! We recognize and understand all of the struggles that can come along with a desire to attain your ideal fitness level and have created this gym to be open and inviting to people of all fitness levels! Whether you're an extreme athlete in the prime shape of your life, or someone who has never stepped foot into a gym, everyone is welcome! Our instructors are passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals. They will ensure an all-around pleasurable experience for every workout along the way!

Adding to the fun you will have in each class is our wide array of other functional fitness equipment and tools including things such as: battling ropes, Olympic weights and bars, indoor rope climbing, indoor tractor tire flipping, sledgehammer training, stall bars, rowing machine, medicine balls, foam rollers, and more!!!!

We offer 8-week "boot camp" style programs separate for men and women that are designed for you to make a solid commitment to yourself and the instructors in improving your fitness! There is nothing better than having your own personal trainer to motivate you to become what you want!

We also offer personal training for individuals and small groups! Come in and talk with us and we'll design the right approach for you! Our facility offers plenty of changing space, multiple restrooms, and even a shower!!!! There is also a full kitchen you can use for whatever you need! Plenty of parking off street behind the building as well as parking on both sides of Tower Ave!

Got Questions?

  • Do I need to be in good shape to come to GreenLight Fitness? >

    Whatever shape you're currently in is the one we welcome at GreenLight Fitness.  This is a non-judgemental facility that will help to improve the fitness level and body composition of anyone who walks in the door!
  • What membership options are available for me at GreenLight Fitness? >

    We offer a variety of different membership options to fit in with your busy life.  From a two-class trial package all the way to an unlimited yearly membership, with many more options in between including drop-in class rates and punch-cards.  
  • What are the advantages of GreenLight Fitness's instructor led classes? >

    There are many benefits to engaging yourself in a social workout setting like the classes here at GreenLight Fitness offer.  You get a qualified instructor to motivate and help you through each workout which will push your progress further than you ever thought possible!  Also, being around other people who have the same goals for themselves as you do for yourself will help to motivate each other and in turn form lasting friendships!  
  • What REALLY sets GreenLight Fitness apart from any other gym I have heard of or tried? >

    The positive atmosphere!  Our trainers are ready to help you achieve your ideal fitness level and body composition through all of the unique and innovative training techniques and equipment that we have.  You will never get bored working out here!  
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